Resources and opportunities to help build a more inclusive UBC

Equity & Inclusion Office offers a number of resources and services to help you build more inclusive teams and spaces.

Consultation Services

Conflict Management and Human Rights Advising

  • If you or your team could benefit from support managing conflict in the work environment, particularly connected with issues of difference and identity, please contact the EIO’s Director of Dialogue & Conflict Engagement at
  • If you or your team members are experiencing issues that are related to breaches on any of the human rights grounds (breach to Policy SC7), you can get in touch with the Director of Human Rights at They can provide a confidential consultation and advising to resolve issues of discrimination and harassment.

Educational Workshops

  • A new monthly workshops series, Through the Lens, aims to equip faculty and staff with a better understanding of the experiences of minoritized identity groups at the university, and with practical skills for allyship. Sessions are running until May at the Vancouver campus and parallel sessions will take place on the Okanagan campus once per semester. Please help ensure your teams are aware of upcoming sessions, listed here:

Trans, Two-Spirit and Gender Diversity Taskforce

  • In the new year, we will be convening a Trans, Two-Spirit and Gender Diversity Taskforce that will provide strategic direction to UBC’s senior leadership in the area of gender identity/expression and human rights. The task force is being formed in response to emerging campus and community needs and the addition of gender identity and gender expression to the BC Human Rights Code. A call for applications from those interested in being part of the taskforce will be issued in January.

Inclusive Holidays Resources

Thank you for your continued support in helping to create a respectful and inclusive environment, where diverse ideas and perspectives can thrive.