Aligning UBC’s EDI commitments to develop the StEAR Roadmap

The StEAR Roadmap to Change provides 18 objectives and 136 strategic actions drawn from UBC’s existing EDI-related commitments, recommendations, and plans.

These objectives and actions emerged from the iterative alignment between goals, actions, and recommendations found in UBC’s various existing EDI-related documents.

There are two ways to track this alignment of UBC’s existing EDI-related plans and reports with the StEAR Framework to constitute the StEAR Roadmap for Change: plan-by-plan in table format, or using an interactive visualization.

Plans that were assessed through this process include: 

Each of these plans and reports has a distinct format and internal structure, which has been simplified into four levels for the purpose of the alignment table and visualization:

  • Level 1 (Source Strategic Focus Area): The primary way that the plan/source organizes its recommendations/actions. For example, IAP Goal Areas, or ARIE committee reports. 
  • Level 2 (Source Objective): The statement that conveys an aim or aspiration on a particular topic within the strategic focus area. Some plans name these as “objectives” while others name them as “recommendations” or “actions.” 
  • Level 3 (Source Action): The suggested tactic to achieve the source objective, which has also been assigned an “Action ID” in the table, as the primary unit of analysis for alignment to the StEAR Framework.  
  • Level 4 (Source Sub-Action or Description): For plans that provide additional detail or highly specific tactical suggestions for each action, these are captured here.  

If you have any questions or have identified an error in the table, please contact us.