Activating Inclusion Toolkit

A participant discusses diversity at UBC's Collective Impact workshop

At UBC, we are committed to embedding inclusion across the university systems, policies, and practices.

The Activating Inclusion Toolkit is designed to support units across UBC in incorporating equity, diversity, and inclusion into their strategic planning, priority initiatives, and systems and structures more broadly. The toolkit is an evolving library of tools, guides, and resources that support inclusion planning and implementation – as well as inclusive processes.

Tools for EDI Planning, Learning, and Action

The toolkit is organized into four phases which constitute a cycle of planning, learning, and action. Each phase contains multiple tools; units may decide to use one or more of the tools in each phase depending on their needs and context.

Strengthen foundations

This tool supports leaders to create effective committees or working groups to guide their efforts in implementing UBC’s inclusion action plan or other strategic equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. It guides committees through developing a strong and effective Terms of Reference document.


This guide provides an overview of the role that Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) committees can play and offers guidance for developing one within your division, unit, or department at UBC.


Assess current state

This tool is for individuals or groups with leadership or authority to influence how their Faculty, division, department or unit engages with the UBC Inclusion Action Plan. It guides such groups through a process of reviewing the IAP to identify relevant goals and actions that can be implemented within their context.


The Inclusion Self-Assessment Tool (ISAT) helps UBC units and academic departments better understand how their work is advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at UBC and better identify where might be areas of opportunity or growth within their units and departments. The ISAT consists of a series of topic statements designed to give units and departments an opportunity to assess how their practices, processes and policies are equitable and inclusive.

Download the introductory ISAT guide.

To access the ISAT, please select strategic and unit-level planning and complete our online request form.

This tool provides a starting point for units to develop an evidence base on which to build their EDI plans and actions. It guides teams to establish what they already know about EDI in their unit and any gaps in knowledge that may exist.


Prioritize and plan

This tool supports units to prioritize and refine an existing list of ideas for potential actions or projects that would advance inclusion.


This tool provides units with a template to document their plans for actions and initiatives that advance equity, diversity, and inclusion and guides units through the process of creating an action plan.


Attempt solutions, learn, and iterate

Tools coming soon!


Tools for Inclusive Processes

Some tools are designed to be used at multiple phases throughout the cycle, depending on unit needs and context.

This tool provides a framework for individuals and teams to apply an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens to their decisions, especially in moments of urgency.



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