How We Can Help

We provide a full range of services that support employment equity, education, leadership and proactive initiatives while building resiliency and a respectful environment.

Informative Resources

Our office is able to:

  • Provide information about university resources and make appropriate referrals
  • Identify and explains relevant university processes and policies
  • Assist students, faculty, and staff to explore options in dealing with conflicts
  • Facilitate discussions and uses informal channels to seek resolution

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Knowledge & Skills Development

We work across the university to:

  • Embed the values of equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Facilitate dialogue on human rights, equity and inclusion with the UBC community
  • Provide Equity Enhancement Funds to support community-based initiatives that enhance equity, diversity, inclusion and intercultural understanding at UBC

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Conflict Engagement

We provide the following types of support to the UBC community on the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, at no cost to faculty, staff and students:

  • Management and resolution of inter-personal conflicts between members of the UBC community
  • Facilitation of contentious group conversations within academic and non-academics units
  • Capacity building for having difficult conversations and building a healthy culture of conflict engagement

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