Curricular change

As one of the four change goals of the StEAR Framework, we’re working to promote locally and globally relevant and responsive ways of learning, knowing, and translating knowledge through equitable and anti-racist teaching, research, and community-engagement programs and pedagogies.

Objectives and actions

2.1 Improve the academic and learning experiences of HPSM students, including Black, racialized, disabled, 2SLGBTQIA+, Trans and Gender Non-binary (TGNB), and women-identified students.

ItemStrategic actions
AReview teaching and learning funding programs to promote anti-racism efforts
BReview and remedy bias/discrimination in invigilation systems and processes
CReview and redress inequities/barriers to accessibility related to racialized student and HPSM student participation in experiential learning opportunities 
DWork with partners to foster discrimination-free experiential learning environments, particularly for racialized students
EDevelop educational resources on gender diversity and inclusion in the classroom 
FEstablish a protocol for name choice at every stage of the academic journey

2.2 Enhance capacity to diversify curriculum and ways of learning, as well as to engage equitable, inclusive and anti-racist academic programs and pedagogy.

ItemStrategic actions
AIncorporate EDI in program review criteria for cyclical academic reviews mandated by senate policy
BReview and enhance, where needed, resources to incorporate EDI in academic programs and pedagogy
CEstablish grants and awards to create and curate anti-oppressive/anti-racist curricular content
DEstablish incentives for faculty participation in anti-racist educational activity
EDevelop resources on racio-linguistic diversity and discrimination counter-pedagogy
FEnhance regular unit reviews of academic program curricula with an eye to improve consciousness and responsiveness to race-related, transgender and non-binary, and disability justice inequities

2.3 Enhance capacity to diversify scholarship and ways of knowing, as well as to engage in equitable, inclusive, anti-racist, and decolonial research programs and methodology.

ItemStrategic actions
APilot online course on integrated EDI in research programs, with associated resources
BDevelop a guide to integrating EDI in research programs and methodology
CDevelop a guide to equitable nomination and adjudication of research chairs and awards
DDevelop centralized and accessible digital repository of resources for EDI in research
EEstablish Canada Research Chair (CRC) connections and mentorship Program
FRevise the CRC Appointments Guide
GPilot a project to enhance equitable CRC processes and outcomes, especially for disabled scholars
HPilot an Employment Equity Advisor Training Program for CRC processes
IDevelop a CRC start-up package menu for offer negotiation, including designated grant support
JLeverage CRCs for recruitment and retention of HPSM scholars, and particularly Black scholars
KExplore and continue to enhance grant support for CRCs