Our Team


Associate Vice-President, Equity & Inclusion

Dr. Finlay supports institution-wide efforts to create a supportive environment for working, learning and living where respect, diversity, opportunity and inclusion are valued. These values are central to social sustainability for all members of the university community.

Director, Human Rights

Working in partnership with a number of colleagues across the institution, Roshni provides information, support, referrals and resources to members of the UBC community who believe they may have a human-rights based discrimination or harassment concern.

Director, Institutional Initiatives

Elsie provides strategic planning, monitoring, and evaluation support for EIO initiatives to enhance utility and accessibility, build capacity, and facilitate collective learning.

Project Manager

Asmin provides project management support, ensuring projects are advanced on schedule and within project scope.

Project Manager (on leave)

Maureen provides project management support to Student Diversity Initiative, ensuring projects are advanced on schedule and within project scope.

Communications Manager

Marko is responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies that engage the campus community in activities of the Equity & Inclusion Office, and help advance and demonstrate UBC’s commitment to excellence, diversity, and inclusion.

Manager, Institutional Planning and Evaluation

Charlene works in areas of needs assessments, strategic planning, program and policy development, and monitoring and evaluation efforts in support of evidence-based decision-making.

Administration Manager

In the Administration Manager role, Theresa is responsible for providing confidential executive administrative and operation support to the Associate Vice-President (AVP), and works closely with senior members of the Equity & Inclusion Office (EIO).

Human rights advisor

Jay responds to human rights concerns raised by members of the UBC community.

Executive Assistant

Zuleka works closely with the AVP and directors of the EIO in order to provide efficient and effective support to areas of their work, both within the office and externally.

Planning & Evaluation Strategist

Lucy provides strategic support with primary responsibility for the research, development, implementation and analysis of diversity related to the student experience within the Faculty of Arts.

Educational Strategist

Hélène supports system change initiatives related to gender diversity and, in partnership with CTLT, helps promote equity, diversity and inclusion in teaching and learning spaces.

Engagement Strategist

Louise supports and coordinates University-wide engagement efforts related to the updating of UBC’s Employment Equity Plan, the development of the Canada Research Chair Program Equity & Diversity Action Plan, and relevant areas of the EIO and UBC strategic plan.

Planning & Evaluation Strategist

Greg provides support for the planning and implementation of planning and evaluation projects for the EIO, including analysis to inform strategic direction, programming, and policy decisions.

Conflict Engagement Specialist

Ashley’s work supports individuals and communities to act upon and within imperfect systems and circumstances towards just sustainable outcomes.


Maryam supports equity and inclusion organizational change strategies to create systemic change for faculty and staff.

Equity Facilitator

Tasha works with the facilitation team to offer workshops, training, and resources around social justice, and creating welcoming and inclusive spaces on campus.

Research and Evaluation Associate

Tora supports the data needs of the EIO, as well as requests for equity, diversity, and inclusion related data from the rest of the university.

Equity Facilitator

Ajay supports JEDI (Justice, Equity, Decolonization / Diversity, and Inclusion / Indigeneity) work on campus and in our communities.

Equity Facilitator

Rachael E. Sullivan delivers educational programming in the areas of gender and sexual diversity, student leadership and Active Bystander interventions.

Equity Facilitator

Madison aims to foster an equitable and inclusive community at UBC Okanagan through the delivery of programs and initiatives that focus on mutual respect, diversity, and intercultural understanding.

Educational Strategist

Hanae leads the planning, development, delivery and evaluation of programs to enhance the UBC teaching and learning community’s capacity in creating inclusive and equitable classroom environments across UBC.

Human rights advisor

Based at UBCO, Libby provides impartial human rights advice and information to all members of the UBC community.

Equity Facilitator

Jenica Frisque is passionate about fostering inclusion at UBC Okanagan through the delivery and facilitation of programs, and conversations that raise awareness of and embed the values of equity, diversity, intercultural understanding and mutual respect in the fabric of the campus and the wider community.