Who We Are. What We Believe. Our Story.

Through leadership, vision and collaborative action, the Equity & Inclusion Office continues to further UBC’s commitment to excellence, diversity, and inclusion.  

How do we do this?

  1. Through robust data collection and analysis, as well as case and issues management, the Equity & Inclusion Office uses a research-informed approach to all of its work.
  2. Through education and leadership, we share the initiatives taking place across the University. Using custom-built presentations and workshops, a key role for the Equity & Inclusion Office is education and communication of the core values of mutual respect and inclusion.
  3. We support proactive initiatives, including developing resiliency and managing conflict. Through the creation of impactful programs, the Equity & Inclusion Office works closely with faculty, staff and students to ensure they have the tools and skills necessary to create a socially sustainable community.