Media Library

The Equity & Inclusion Office works to engage the community on critical societal issues, across a range of topics related to equity, diversity and inclusion – from race and culture, to accessibility, gender equity, intersectionality, and more. Engage with us and explore some of our webcasts and podcasts.


  • The power of diversity: Better outcomes? Better decisions?

    How does inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives can deliver more innovative, more creative, and more inclusive outcomes?

  • Beyond #MeToo and #IWill: Changing workplace culture

    Awareness is important, but how do we move beyond hashtags and words to making substantive changes to the workplace?

  • Lead, succeed, and inspire: An evening with changemakers

    Women, people of colour reflect and share insights on what it takes to lead, succeed, and inspire change.

  • Examining whiteness: What’s at stake for Canada?

    A frank discussion on the realities of racism and critical reflection on white privilege in Canada.


  • Game changers: How are assistive technologies making sport accessible?

    Athletes, changemakers, and leaders share personal experiences and discuss ways that sport is being transformed to broaden participation.

  • How can we make Kelowna a more culturally inclusive community?

    What steps do we need to take to make Kelowna more inclusive for a growing multicultural community?

  • The Power of Teaching for Diversity and Inclusion

    Educators share this passion and vision for the transformative power of teaching for a diverse, inclusive and equitable society.

  • Diversity in Leadership: Why don’t our leaders reflect our workforce?

    In executive offices, there remains a noticeable absence of women and minorities in senior leadership positions. What lies behind this imbalance?

  • Uncivil discourse: What is everyone so angry about?

    Is it still possible to express differences of opinions in a respectful and constructive way?