Learn about the services, help and resources available to the UBC community.

Please see our corresponding sub-pages for resources related to UBC students, faculty, and staff. For resources applicable to all individuals who identify as part of the UBC community, please see below.

Resources applicable to all individuals who identify as part of the UBC community:

We are an impartial, welcoming, confidential resource providing information, education and intervention services for Faculty, Staff and Students, primarily to prevent and help address harassment and other forms of discrimination and to support an equitable, respectful environment at UBC, for faculty, staff and students.  We provide information, education and facilitation on equity, diversity, human rights and respectful environment.  We do not formally investigate complaints nor do we have disciplinary authority, but we may help with informally and impartially resolving concerns (e.g. through mediation or other means) where possible and appropriate.  We support and collaborate with Faculties/Schools, Departments and other agencies at the University by providing expertise related to equity, diversity, human rights, and respectful environment to create and maintain healthy, respectful, welcoming environments.  We can also provide information on available formal complaint options and procedures in a safe, confidential setting and are an “open door” throughout that process.

EIO administers Policy 3, the UBC policy on Discrimination and Harassment, which covers human rights-based discrimination and harassment: 

Inquirers are always welcome to contact the Equity & Inclusion Office at any time to make an appointment, and are invited to refer others who may have concerns and wish a confidential, safe and welcoming environment to clarify their situation and discuss options.

Other resources available to all:

Bullying and harassment that does not involve the human rights protected grounds outlined in Policy 3 (e.g. sex, race, religion, age, gender identity, disability, etc.), is addressed through the University’s Statement on Respectful Environment. The Statement applies to Faculty, Staff and Students: 

For Faculty and Staff, bullying and harassment issues may also fall within the purview of Human Resources and/or WorkSafe.  This page describes the resources at UBC related to bullying and personal harassment, and how it fits with human rights discrimination and harassment protections.

Campus Security oversees/provides a number of supports for Faculty, Staff and Students, including the Safe Walk program, personal safety planning, and where appropriate a priority alert process.  Security can also clarify how their services intersect with the services of the Campus RCMP and/or Vancouver Police Department. Learn more here.

Academic Programs and Research Related to Equity & Inclusion:

Other Resources Related to Equity & Inclusion



  • Rich Carruthers The Bridge, 202-2515 Burrard Street (Tel: 604.327.4330)
  • Kelly Manire (Tel: 604.274.1746)
  • Harry Park (Tel: 604.331.0260) E-mail:
  • Matt Kitchener Carey Centre (corner of Wesbrook Mall and Iona Drive) (Tel: 604.225.5989) E-mail:


Brethern Tradition





Presbyterian (Korean)

  • Rev. Isaac Chun Ho Youm 203-5728 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC (Tel: 778.686.0691) E-mail:

Shin Buddhism

  • Roy Akune Steveston Buddhist Church, 4360 Garry Street, Richmond, BC (Tel: 604.224.7710) E-mail:

United Church of Canada

  • Rev. Carmen Landsdowne 226-6000 Iona Drive, Vancouver, BC (Tel: 604.827.4301) E-mail:

University Hill

Unitarian Universalist

Days of Significance Calendar

Guide to gender inclusive washrooms: