Inclusion Action Plan

Welcome to the inclusion action plan, which operationalizes the theme of inclusion, and supports the themes of innovation and collaboration in UBC’s strategic plan.

This plan presents an opportunity for UBC to continue to develop its potential as a groundbreaking 21st century institution, including its leadership in creating global influence through its equitable, diverse, and inclusive campuses.

The emerging research is unequivocal: diversity enhances innovation, and inclusive spaces are required to ensure that diverse teams are able to collaborate effectively. As the world becomes more connected, and UBC focuses on contributing to global citizenship and finding solutions to complex issues, this plan supports our continuing progress.

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  • Working Together to Move Ideas into Action

    Read UBC’s vice-presidents’ commitment to advancing the inclusion action plan.

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  • Enhancing Efforts

    Read the statement from the associate vice-president for equity and inclusion.

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Explore the Plan

The inclusion action plan has five goals, each with a number of actions assigned to one or more university portfolios. Explore the plan and find goals and actions that are relevant to you and your unit.

  • Recruitment, Retention and Success

    UBC will actively recruit, support, retain, and advance students, faculty, staff, and leaders from systemically marginalized communities.

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  • Systems Change

    UBC will be intentional and proactive in changing systems, structures, policies, practices, and processes to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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  • Capacity Building

    UBC will enhance institutional and individual capacities and skills to succeed in and advance inclusive environments and work to sustain and continually evolve that capacity as skills and capabilities are increased.

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  • Learning, Research, and Engagement

    UBC will foster environments of learning, research, and engagement that value building and exchanging multiple and intersectional ways of knowing.

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  • Accountability

    UBC will hold itself accountable to its commitment to inclusion through clear and timely processes, thorough evaluation, and transparent reporting to the UBC communities on its progress on this action plan.

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What does a more inclusive UBC look like?

“At UBC, inclusion is a commitment to creating a welcoming community where those who are historically, persistently, or systemically marginalized are treated equitably, feel respected, and belong. Inclusion is built by individual and institutional responsibility through continuous engagement with diversity to inspire people, ideas, and actions for a better world.”

Read the full inclusion action plan (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Building a more inclusive UBC: virtual forum

Watch a recording of an Inclusion Action Plan virtual forum held on May 7, 2021 to learn about UBC’s Inclusion Action Plan, and hear leadership perspectives, priorities and efforts.

Get Involved

Everyone at UBC can play a role in building a more welcoming, respectful, and inclusive UBC. Here are a few ways you can get involved.

  • Activate Inclusion Toolkit

    The Activating Inclusion Toolkit provides an evolving library of tools, guides, and resources that support inclusion planning and implementation. 

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  • Activate Inclusion Funding

    The Equity Enhancement Fund (EEF) supports community-based initiatives that enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion at UBC. 

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  • UBC Anti-racism Initiatives Fund

    The UBC Anti-racism Initiatives Fund supports efforts to celebrate and elevate diverse communities and advance anti-racism efforts.

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  • Find Your Community

    Discover and connect with groups, clubs, and networks at UBC that seek to empower many historically, systemically and persistently marginalized groups. 

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  • Deepen Your Knowledge

    Continue your learning and engagement through some of the self-directed and live learning opportunities and resources.

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What We Heard

We engaged and we listened. Explore what we heard through the consultation process.

Learn what we heard during the plan’s development process. Review the engagement process and materials, as well as the governance structure used to develop UBC’s inclusion action plan.

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