Inclusion Action Plan: Development Process

Development Process

To inform the development of the action plan, a series of engagement opportunities invited students, staff, faculty, and the wider community to share their voices.

  • September to October 2018: A campus-wide Inclusion Working Group convened to develop the draft definition of inclusion and create draft goals and priority areas.
  • January 2019:  An Inclusion Advisory Committee convened to develop and advise on the campus community engagement process.
  • January to February 2019: A baseline scan of existing recommendations for action was conducted and existing reports on workplace, and student representation and experiences were reviewed. These helped to inform draft action ideas.
  • March to April 2019: 1650+ community members provided feedback on draft recommendations and identified additional opportunities for action through pop-up consultation events, conversation cafés, a conversation toolkit, and an online feedback form.  Broad input from campus communities was collected, analyzed, and synthesized.
  • May 2019: An Actions Development Workshop was held with over 70 members of UBCV and UBCO to prioritize and identify actions, considering needs at both campuses as well as the feasibility of the actions.
  • July – September 2019: Students, faculty, and staff members of historically, persistently, or systemically marginalized groups, as well as senior leadership, were engaged in the review of the draft IAP.
  • October 2019: The IAP was presented to the UBC Executive, with a request for further consultation on the implementation approach.
  • December 2019: The IAP was presented to the Board of Governors, and endorsed by the UBC Executive.

What We Heard

See the feedback that we received throughout the engagement process.

Get Informed

The following background documents are available to help you get more informed about current state of inclusion at UBC.