Inclusive Costumes


With Halloween fast approaching, costume selection is top of mind for many. Yet, while costume options may be limitless, someone’s culture, race, or identity is not a costume.

When your costume trivializes someone’s culture, race, or identity, it reduces these aspects to stereotypes – so be creative and respectful with your costumes!

Take a moment to ask yourself:

  • Is my costume making fun of human traits, identities, cultures, or race?
  • Does my costume represent a culture that is not my own?
  • Does my costume reduce cultural or identity differences to stereotypes?
  • Would you be ashamed if your family or future employer saw your costume?

Still unsure or looking for other options? Check out some of these creative costume ideas below!

They are mythical, rare, and unique – just like you. Good luck finding one – they are hard to catch…or so we hear.

Take a cue from the Walking Dead and dress up as your favorite zombie.

Pennywise the Clown
A classic look for Halloween, embrace the spooky energy by putting on a frightening red wig and inflating some red balloons.

Your favourite Halloween candy
Whether you’re a fan of creamy peanut butter cups or crispy wafer bars, show your love for Halloween by dressing up as the best part – delicious candy!

Your favourite fantasy character
Have a favourite droid or fictional monster? Or perhaps a favourite video game character? This is the perfect time to transform yourself and live in your favourite fantasy world!

Dog walker
For all you puppy lovers out there! Round up your favourite canines and be a dog walker for the day. Need some inspiration? Stop by and connect with EIO’s Administration Manager, Theresa Rollins, and her Cairn Terrier, Binky.

Pokémon trainer
Spook up your look as you walk around playing Pokémon Go. Cozy up in your Gengar sweater and clip a few poke balls to your belt and you’ll be the spookiest trainer out there.

Molecule or chemical element
The look for all the scientists on campus! Embrace the day as your favourite element from the periodic table. Or perhaps stable cyclohexanes are your calling.