UBC committed to welcoming community members from around the globe

As UBC continues to monitor geopolitical relations between India and Canada and to assess the implications for our diverse campus community, we are attuned to the ongoing distress experienced and expressed by many students, faculty and staff who are either directly or indirectly impacted or concerned by the situation.

We know the situation is particularly concerning for Indian diasporic and international community members – in all of their diversity – and also for many others who may be feeling the transnational effects of the tensions in our increasingly interconnected world.

The diversity of UBC’s regional, national and international student body, professoriate and staff complement is a source of tremendous pride that we are committed to nurturing. Our globally diverse community and our commitment to inclusivity contribute not only to our academic excellence but also to our ability to live up to our aspirations for societal betterment.

As this situation evolves, we want to assure concerned students, faculty and staff, as well as their families here in Canada and abroad that we remain steadfastly committed to welcoming community members from across the globe and fostering their safety, wellness, inclusion and belonging.

For information on academic, workplace, and personal supports available please see the resources available to you at UBC.

Arig al Shaibah
Associate Vice-President, Equity and Inclusion