Systems Change

To fulfill the second goal of the Inclusion Action plan, here are some actions that UBC will take in order to be intentional and proactive in changing systems, structures, policies, practices, and processes to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion.

LEADS: All VPs, Board of Governors, Senates
Develop, consult on, and implement guidelines for decision-making that incorporate equity, diversity, and inclusion principles.

LEADS: President; Provosts; VP, Human Resources; VP, External Relations
Support understanding and implementation of the Indigenous Strategic Plan across all units.

LEADS: University Executive, Senates
Ensure plans that incorporate inclusion actions are developed by and communicated throughout each Executive Portfolio and each Faculty.

LEADS: Provosts, All VPs
Develop and implement criteria for advancing into mid-level and senior leadership that requires that all leaders demonstrate commitment to principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion and reflect the diversity of the UBC community.

LEADS: Senates, Provosts
Incorporate equity, diversity, and inclusion skills and competencies into degree requirements.

LEADS: VP, Human Resources; Provosts
Incorporate equity, diversity, and inclusion skills and competencies into job descriptions and provide training in how to assess these skills and competencies through performance reviews for staff and evaluations for faculty.

LEADS: VP, Human Resources; VP, Finance & Operations
Develop and enact an institutional level accommodation policy for faculty and staff with disabilities that is supported by a central accommodation fund.

LEADS: Provosts; VP, Human Resources; VP, Students
Develop infrastructures for supporting and accommodating faculty, staff, and students with respect to religious, spiritual, and cultural observances, and flexible work, housing, and childcare arrangements.

LEADS: VP, Finance & Operations; VP, External Relations
Enhance the accessibility of physical and virtual spaces on UBC campuses for students, staff, and faculty.

LEADS: Provosts; All VPs
Provide resources for department, Faculty, and administrative unit level planning, implementation, and reporting on the IAP.

LEADS: Provosts; All VPs
Appoint a faculty or staff member within each department or unit who is responsible for coordinating the implementation of commitments made in the Executive or Faculty level plans at the local level, supported by an Equity Leads Network facilitated by the Equity & Inclusion Office.

Looking to activate these actions in your unit?
Access the Activating Inclusion Toolkit.