Recruitment, Retention and Success

To fulfill the first goal of the Inclusion Action plan, here are some actions that UBC will take in order to actively recruit, support, retain, and advance students, faculty, staff, and leaders from systemically marginalized communities.

LEADS: Provosts; Senates; VP, Human Resources
Continue to enhance active recruitment for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) skills and competencies, and increase the capability and capacity to collaborate in a diverse environment through all searches and in career progression for leadership, staff, and faculty.

LEADS: Provosts; VP, Human Resources; VP, Students
Revise, renew, and replace recruitment and hiring/admissions processes to actively take into account equity issues in the assessment of merit, through job postings, criteria development, and selection of students, staff, faculty, and leadership at UBC.

LEADS: Provosts; VP, Human Resources; VP, Students
Reduce financial barriers to studying and working at UBC, particularly for Indigenous and other marginalized students, and support affordability strategies for transit, housing, and childcare for faculty, staff, and students.

LEADS: Provosts; VP, Human Resources; VP, Students
Support mentorship, peer support, and affinity/resource groups that enhance spaces and initiatives toward inclusion. Promote extracurricular programming, professional development opportunities and events that help build inclusive cultures.

LEADS: Provosts; Senates; VP, Human Resources
Expand and enhance opportunities for scholarship rooted in differences in worldviews that advances equity, diversity, and inclusion.

LEADS: VP, Human Resources; Provosts
Update performance review processes, discussion guides, and merit pay policies for staff and emerging leaders in collaboration with Provosts, Deans, and collective bargaining units, to include criteria for recognizing participation in initiatives and other contributions to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion.

LEADS: VP, Students; Provosts
Implement the recommendations of the 2019 Employment Systems Review that assesses disparities in experiences for faculty and staff, and conduct a similar review to examine any disparities in experiences for students, including student staff, teaching assistants, and post-docs.

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