Trans, Two-Spirit and Gender Diversity Task Force Final Report

Access the full Trans, Two-Spirit and Gender Diversity Task Force Final Report published in 2023, as well as the complete findings from the Gender Diversity Audit conducted in 2021.

Trans, Two-Spirit and Gender Diversity Task Force Final Report

Type: Report 
Publishing date: April 2023 
Authors: Dr. Janice Stewart, Dr. Arig al Shaibah, Jesse Grimaldi, Dr. Hannah Kia, Dr. Hélène Frohard-Dourlent, Dr. Kathryn Ferguson 

Recommendations identified by the Task Force were informed by extensive consultation with the community, findings from the Gender Diversity Audit, consideration of past reports, and Task Force and community members’ expertise and lived experience. 

The report outlines specific recommendations related to several areas of work: 1) climate, safety, and training, 2) information systems, 3) well-being, student health and housing, 4) teaching and learning, 5) athletics and recreation, and 6) engagement with trans, Two-Spirit, and non-binary communities.  

Four key recommendations are presented, urging UBC to: 

  1. Expand and sustain training and education around gender diversity, with a focus on faculty and staff capacity-building. 
  1. Increase recruitment and retention of trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary faculty and staff. 
  1. Improve the implementation of gender data standards and centralized systems and principles for the collection of gendered records (e.g., name, honorific, pronoun) and reporting of gender data (e.g., identity marker). 
  1. Support the mental health and holistic wellness of trans, Two-Spirit, and non-binary students, staff, and faculty. 

Gender Diversity Audit: Transforming Silent Struggle into Building Trust

Type: Report 
Publishing date: July 2021 
Authors: TransFocus Consulting 

This comprehensive, multi-stakeholder consultation process surfaced key issues facing transgender, Two-Spirit and non-binary students and employees at UBC. The findings highlight the urgent need for strong and multi-faceted measures to address interconnected and intersectional challenges. Many of these are cumulative in nature in ways that prevent or complicate trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary people studying and working at UBC. However, they can be addressed with key cultural changes and adaptations of systems, services, and spaces to make UBC more supportive and inclusive of trans, Two-Spirit and non-binary communities. Some of these efforts are already underway (especially led by the Equity & Inclusion Office), which can be leveraged and expanded upon. If changes are pursued, they can result in stronger, trusting relationships, innovation, and efficiency.

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