Equity & Inclusion Program Project Spotlights

UBC’s Equity & Inclusion Scholars Program funds innovative projects that seek to integrate equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in teaching-related scholarship.

Projects may include, for example, changes to curriculum, teaching practice, or programming within a faculty or school, all with the aim of placing EDI at the centre of teaching and learning. The following is a list of funded projects.


Project Lead: Neil Armitage, Lecturer, Sociology
Description: The project will develop and provide a template for adapting, embedding and evaluating existing Community Building Education (CBE) provided by the Equity and Inclusion Office within first year Arts courses. The project will work with Teaching Assistants to adapt and facilitate CBE to Sociology and Anthropology contexts and will evaluate its impact on students’ sense of community.

Project Lead: Mario Brondani, Associate Professor, Oral Health Sciences
Description: This collaborative and interdisciplinary project will engage the community as a teacher in an inclusive learning to address sexual diversity, and addiction and mental health within the undergraduate dental and dental hygiene curricula, and will respond to the following question: ‘To what extent can an interactive and open dialogue about mental illness and addiction, and Queer health foster a transformative learning on future health care professionals?

Project Lead: Janice Stewart, Senior Instructor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice
Description: The Learning With Strangers project aims to make visible the intersectional pedagogical architecture of faculty and student experiences of “belonging/inclusion” or “unbelonging/exclusion” --- complex, inspirational and/or difficult conversations and engagements with power/knowledge in University. Supporting inclusion in classrooms gets to the heart of what is most challenging about social justice teaching for both faculty and students.

Project Lead: Tal Jarus, Professor, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Description: In spite of compelling equity and patient care arguments to support diversifying participation in health education, students with disabilities experience significant barriers to their participation in those programs, in particular a lack of clarity on how to support them during fieldwork education. This project will explore the challenges and opportunities for creating inclusive and equitable fieldwork environments from the perspective of fieldwork and academic educators and students with disabilities.

Project Lead: Chris Lee, Associate Professor, English/Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies
Description: This proposed project will enable the Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies Program (ACAM) to build an interdisciplinary undergraduate curriculum that integrates equity and inclusion in the context of community-engagement. Project funds will be used to build faculty capacity, enable student participation, develop and support new courses, and facilitate community involvement in curriculum development.

Project Leads: Christine Goedhart, Science Educational Specialist, Botany & Skylight: Science Centre for Learning and Teaching; Karen Smith, lecturer, Microbiology and Immunology; Jared Stang, Lecturer, Physics and Astronomy; Jaclyn Stewart, Senior Instructor, Chemistry
Description: Project summary: We will enhance equity and intercultural understanding in introductory active-learning Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses by: developing EDI measurement tools to inform teaching and conduct research; identifying the inequities and inequalities that currently exist, and; determining the characteristics of learning activities that support and engage all students.