Equity Enhancement Fund

The Equity Enhancement Fund (EEF) supports community-based initiatives that enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion at UBC.

Funding Program Update
October 17, 2022

Thank you for your interest in the EEF.

The EIO is currently reviewing the EEF with an eye to improve our ability to respond to community needs and better align funds awarded with strategic initiatives that advance equity and anti-racism. Updates to the fund will be shared through this webpage and any future calls for applications will be communicated widely through EIO and university channels.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at eef@equity.ubc.ca.


The Equity Enhancement Fund (EEF) supports faculty and staff-led initiatives that enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion at UBCV and UBCO. The fund is open for applications twice a year, in spring and fall.

Preference will be given to initiatives which:

  • Build student, faculty, and staff competencies and understanding related to issues of equity, diversity and inclusion through community-engaged activities.
  • Promote a respectful environment at UBC through education, dialogue, and community engagement.
  • Have observable and/or measureable benefits to the representation or experiences of historically disadvantaged groups within the UBC community.
  • Support UBC’s commitments to inclusion as identified in UBC’s strategic plan and the Inclusion Action Plan.

Details and criteria

The following UBC community members are invited to submit proposals to the Equity Enhancement Fund:

  • Any UBC academic or administrative unit;
  • Equity committees and equity representatives;
  • Unions or Associations;
  • Individual faculty and/or staff.

Applications demonstrating partnerships across the university will be given preference.

NOTE: Proposals will not be accepted to fund academic research that would be carried out in the normal course of work or study or may be eligible for research funding.

  • Proposals should have observable and/or measurable benefits to the representation or experiences of historically, persistently or systematically marginalized groups within the UBC community.
  • Proposals should support efforts to build the capacity of partners to adopt and advance values of equity & inclusion in their own settings;
  • Project rationale and objectives should advance UBC’s approach to inclusive excellence and be consistent with the UBC Equity & Inclusion Office mandate and UBC’s strategic priorities, including innovation, inclusion and connection.
  • All Equity Enhancement Fund initiatives must be in accordance with UBC’s Respectful Environment Statement.
  • Initiatives must advance one or more of the actions outlined under the goals of the Inclusion Action Plan.

  • $80,00 is available at UBCV and $10,000 is available at UBCO annually. $40,000 is available at UBCV and $5,000 is available at UBCO per each application cycle.
  • Proposals up to $5,000 at UBCV and up to $1,500 at UBCO will generally be considered. Small and large proposals are encouraged, however, large proposals may receive only partial funding.
  • Funding dispersed: 75% upon announcement and 25% on completion of final report.
  • There are separate funds for the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.
  • Partnerships between faculties/units/departments/groups are encouraged.
  • Applications should demonstrate some financial contributions/support (not just in-kind) from Faculties and/or units.
  • Funding will not be granted for projects that are a normal part of the unit’s responsibilities and operating expenses, or, except in exceptional circumstances, to reinstitute a previously funded project in a unit.
  • Successful recipients are required to submit a report, including financial accounting, to the Associate Vice-President, Equity & Inclusion upon completion of the project. The Equity & Inclusion Office will provide a template for this purpose.
  • Funds must be spent within one year of receiving funding. Any unused funds must be reported and returned.
  • The fund recipients are responsible for planning and implementation related to the project, and covering any cost overruns.

  • The proposal must be endorsed by a Head of unit or department, director, principal, vice-president, president or other similarly equivalent senior official of an organization.
  • In certain cases, especially for student groups, the Equity & Inclusion Office will make arrangements to ensure that groups who do not have access to UBC’s financial system will be able to access the funding.
  • NOTE: The person making the endorsement assumes responsibility for monitoring the project and ensuring a final report is submitted.

Initial applications will be submitted through the online form. They will then be reviewed by a small committee of students, staff and faculty. At the initial stage applicants will need to consider the following in the development of a project overview:

  • Project title and detailed description of the project, indicating whether this is something new or existing
  • One or more of the Inclusion Action Plan:
    • Recruitment, Retention and Success: UBC will actively recruit, support, retain, and advance students, faculty, staff, and leaders from systemically marginalized communities.
    • Systems Change: UBC will be intentional and proactive in changing systems, structures, policies, practices, and processes to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion.
    • Capacity Building: UBC will enhance institutional and individual capacities and skills to succeed in and advance inclusive environments and work to sustain and continually evolve that capacity as skills and capabilities are increased.
    • Learning, Research, and Engagement: UBC will foster environments of learning, research, and engagement that value building and exchanging multiple and intersectional ways of knowing.
    • Accountability: UBC will hold itself accountable to its commitment to inclusion through clear and timely processes, thorough evaluation, and transparent reporting to the UBC communities on its progress on this action plan.
  • A Project timeline, that outlines the key tasks, events, and/or deliverables (with a timeline or schedule - if applicable) that will guide the planning and implementation stages of the project.
  • Method(s) of evaluation, that will be used to the progress and success of the project during the funding year.
  • A Sustainability Plan, to ensure that the project or initiative will be or can be made self-sustaining beyond the funding period.

Once successful applicants have been identified, they will be required to submit an evaluation plan outlining their approach to measuring the impact of their initiative. The applicants will be provided with a template to assist in the development of the plan.

The applicants will be required to submit the plan for review prior to the disbursement of the funds and will be required to submit a summary of  the findings of the evaluation as part of their final report.

Apply now

The 2022 Spring Equity Enhancement Fund application is now closed. The next application cycle will launch in mid-Fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Timelines

Funds typically open in Fall and Spring. In Spring, funding opened in May with the extended deadline of June 19, 2022.

Projects are generally expected to be completed within one year.

Yes. We can consider providing an extension. Please submit a request for an extension to eef@equity.ubc.ca.

About Funding

No. Funding is not intended to cover projects that are part of the unit's existing responsibilities and/or operating expenses, or, except in exceptional circumstances, to reinstitute a previously funded project.

Yes, you can use your funds to hire student staff.

No, however, to explore support options for purchase of equipment needed to accommodate faculty and staff with a medical condition or disability, please see the Equipment Accommodation Fund.

75 percent is distributed at the start of the project, via Workday. You will need to email us your Program Code (PM-XXXXXX) and Cost Center (CC-XXXXX) at eef@equity.ubc.ca.

25 percent is sent once the final report is received. Please email your final report to eef@equity.ubc.ca. Failure to provide a final report may affect your remaining funding disbursement and future applications for EEF funding.

About the Application

Different UBC portfolios, faculties, and units are typically considered as community partners. For funding that supports engagement and collaboration with external partners, please consider the Partnership Recognition Fund or the Community-University Engagement Support (CUES) Fund.

Financial support shows a commitment from the faculty or unit level. However, 'in-kind' contributions of time and space will be considered as support too.

About Project Promotion

Yes, we can generally provide advice and limited support around promotions. Project teams are primarily responsible for development of materials and leading of promotional efforts. For more information, please contact comms@equity.ubc.ca.

Still have questions? Email us at eef@equity.ubc.ca.