What’s In a Name? Navigating Mispronunciation and Misgendering with Grace

Our names are powerful representations of identity. They can hold family, cultural and linguistic history, as well as a deep sense of connection to who we are as individuals. Facing the complexity of diversity in students, and the expectations for advisors as front line UBC staff, we have important roles to play in a student’s sense of wellbeing.

Research shows that the mispronunciation or avoidance of a student’s or colleague’s name and pronoun(s) can be exclusionary, and impact their sense of belonging and identity. Having the skills and awareness to navigate these moments with competencies and grace will strengthen connections we make with one another and positively impact our experiences at UBC and beyond.

Informed by an Appreciative Inquiry approach that examines how names relate to identity and belonging, this workshop will explore the importance of names. Utilizing interactive and reflective activities, participants will identify benefits and challenges with using preferred names (nicknames, non-western names and chosen names). This session will offer best practices for correctly using someone’s name and pronouns, while supporting their sense of connection and belonging to the UBC community.

Registration and Cancellation

Pre-registration is required. Please bring your own lunch. Please send an email to info@equity.ubc.ca as soon as possible if you cannot attend the workshop. Early cancellation also enables us to offer the space to people on the waiting list.