Through the Lens: Trans and non-binary gender identities

Led by Kai Scott, a former social scientist and the co-founder of TransFocus, this workshop invites participants to reflect and build on their understandings of gender and gender diversity.

Participants will spend the afternoon learning new ways of creating inclusive environments for transgender and non-binary folks, supported by Scott’s professional expertise and lived experience as a trans man.

The Equity & Inclusion Office is thrilled to present Through the Lens, a series of exciting workshops exploring how different identities navigate and experience UBC while offering practical ideas on creating a more inclusive campus.

Led by experienced community leaders, Through the Lens aims to provoke meaningful conversations on issues of identity, diversity, equity and inclusion. Each workshop provides an opportunity to learn, connect and join a network of allies across campus through story-telling, statistics and other resources.

Kai creates solutions for the challenges organizations face in relation to gender diversity. He pairs his technical skills from nearly 15 years as a social scientist conducting social impact assessments with his lived experiences as a trans man to drive innovation. He uses exploratory, evidence-based methods and quantitative and qualitative tools—like multi-stakeholder consultations, systems reviews and spatial analyses—to develop solutions that create real, measurable change.


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