Through the Lens: Co-Creating Spaces of Belonging – A Disability as Diversity Perspective

Laura will facilitate a collaborative and creative learning space in which participants will focus on creating more hospitable spaces for people with disabilities. We will explore small changes and actions that can make a big difference toward creating spaces where everyone can find a sense of belonging.

The UBC Equity & Inclusion Office is excited to present another Through the Lens series, a series of interactive workshops exploring how different identities intersect, navigate and experience UBC while offering practical ideas on creating a more inclusive campus.

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Led by experienced community leaders, Through the Lens aims to provoke meaningful conversations on issues of identity, diversity, equity and inclusion. Each workshop provides an opportunity to learn, connect and join a network of allies across campus through story-telling, statistics and other resources.

Laura is a scholar, advocate, friend, learner, woman, teacher, mentor, daughter, accessibility advisor, mentee, disabled person, occupational therapist (OT), Christian, artist, and activist. A self-described ‘hat rack,’ Laura wears many hats, playing numerous roles in her academic, spiritual, recreational, professional, and familial communities. Often found preparing food for a small gathering, a meeting with colleagues, or a community event, Laura aims to contribute to shaping a more hospitable world for everyone wherever she can. Her heart for hospitality and belonging is reflected in her academic and advocacy work with the disability, higher education, and health professional communities. Some keywords that describe her work include belonging, #HigherEd, health professions education, teaching and learning, accessibility, palliative care, occuaptional science, #DisabilityAsDiversity, allyship, and solidarity.