Radical Self-Care for IBPOC Communities: Strategies for Well-Being

What does radical self-care and solidarity look like in our current societal context and how can we engage in meaningful conversations when so many of us are in survival mode?

As IBPOC communities experience stress, anxieties and structural disadvantages during these unprecedented times, it is important to acknowledge that the weight we carry is amplified due to who we are, our role and representation in our societies.

In partnership between UBC Human Resources, UBC Equity & Inclusion Office, Douglas College, and Senior Advisor to the Provost on Racialized Faculty we bring to you a session focused on IBPOC specific experiences as related to well-being, the challenges we face and explore opportunities to engage with in order to maintain a holistic sense of well-being through self-care and collective action.

Amal Rana (they/she) – Director and Founder, Cambium Arts & Education
Ismaël Traoré (he/him) – Meditator, Educator, Community-builder
Linnea Dick (she/her) – Motivational Speaker and Creative Writer
Patty Hambler (she/her) – Director of Student Affairs & Services, Douglas College
Sashah Rahemtulla (she/her) – Yoga Instructor and Student Recruiter-Advisor, Enrollment Services, UBC
Tasha Nijjar (she/her) – Equity Facilitator, Equity & Inclusion Office, UBC