Through the Lens: Finding Artful Activism at the Intersection of Race and Sexuality (Online)

Led by the co-creative directors of media arts collective Love Intersection, David Ng and Jen Sungshine, this online Through the Lens workshop focuses on art and activism into relationship, and explores the intersection of queerness with race and other overlapping identities.

David and Jen will outline the challenges and joys of collaborative filmmaking practice, and share strategies for building social trust while upholding artistic integrity and creative activism.

UBC’s Equity & Inclusion Office is thrilled to present Through the Lens, a series of exciting workshops exploring how different identities navigate and experience UBC while offering practical ideas on creating a more inclusive campus.

Led by experienced community leaders, Through the Lens aims to provoke meaningful conversations on issues of identity, diversity, equity and inclusion. Each workshop provides an opportunity to learn, connect and join a network of allies across campus.

Jen Sungshine speaks for a living, but lives for breathing art into spaces, places, cases. She is a queer Taiwanese interdisciplinary artist/activist, facilitator, and community mentor based in Vancouver, BC, and the Co-Creative Director and founder of Love Intersections, a media arts collective dedicated to collaborative filmmaking and relational storytelling. Jen's artistic practice is informed by an ethic of tenderness; instead of calling you out, she wants to call you in, to make (he)artful social change with her.

In the audience, she looks for weirdos, queerdos and anti-heroes. In private, she looks after more than 70 houseplants and prefers talking to plants than to people. David Ng is a queer feminist and co-Founder of Love Intersections. He is a media artist and cultural producer, who is interested in using artistic practice to create social transformation. He is currently a PhD student at The Social Justice Institute.

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