Equitable Decision-Making During COVID-19

During COVID-19, decisions are being made rapidly, and with constantly changing information.

How can we uphold our community values and our commitments to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), in a time of high uncertainty and disruption to our ways of working, learning, and living?

This workshop offers support for faculty and staff at all levels to apply an intentional EDI lens to their decision making. In this interactive session, participants will have the chance to work collaboratively to apply a new tool, Intentional EDI Decision-Making, to examples of key decisions currently under consideration. This session will be facilitated by Aftab Erfan, the Director of Dialogue and Conflict Engagement, as well as other members of the EIO team.

Brought to you by the Equity & Inclusion Office, this session will be presented online via Zoom and will be recorded. Join us on:

Thursday, June 4th, 2020
2:00pm – 3:00pm

Zoom meeting ID and password will be provided to registrants in the confirmation email.

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