Vice Presidential Strategic Implementation Committee for Equity and Diversity

The Vice-Presidential Strategic Implementation Committee for Equity and Diversity (VPSICED) provides advice and recommendations to a vice-presidential oversight group as they lead university’s implementation of equity and inclusion plans.

The purpose of VPSICED is to advise on the:

  • Identification of priorities and resource commitments pertaining to the needs of students and employees;
  • Implementation of and approach to substantive equity issues in the campus climate
  • Assessment and monitoring of progress against the strategic initiatives outlined in reports and plans such as Valuing Difference: A Strategy for Advancing Equity and Diversity at UBC, Renewing Our Commitment to Equity and Diversity: UBC’s response to the Task Force Recommendations or other strategies, reports or plans related to equity and inclusion.
  • Provide input and/or advice to the Office of the University Counsel in relation to the creation or revision of policies of the UBC Board of Governors related to equity and diversity.
  • Form advisory tables and working groups specific to strategic initiatives as established by reports and plans such as Valuing Difference and Renewing our Commitment to Equity & Diversity

The Committee meets five to six times per year with at least one meeting held at UBC Okanagan. The committee is chaired by the associate vice-president. A vice-chair is appointed from the existing membership by the lead vice-president.

Quorum requires the attendance of the lead vice-president (or designate), the associate vice-president, and at least half of the working group chairs.

Members normally serve a two-year term. The term can be renewed.

UBC Vancouver

  • Sara-Jane Finlay, Associate Vice President, Equity and Inclusion
  • Barbara Meens Thistle, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Andrew Szeri, Provost and Vice-President Academic
  • Jennifer Love, Senior Advisor on Women Faculty, Office of the Vice President, Academic
  • Janet Teasdale, Vice President Students, Office of the Vice President, Students
  • Henry Yu, Principal (on leave 16/17), St. Johns College
  • Mary Bryson, Senior Associate Dean, Administration & Innovation, Faculty of Education, Language and Literacy Education
  • Shirley Nakata, Ombudsperson for Students, Office of the Ombudsperson for Students
  • Allison Matacheskie, Director of Faculty Relations, Faculty Relations
  • Janet Mee, Director, Centre for Accessibility
  • Shehnaz Motani, Research Awards Officer, Research Services
  • David Lance, President (CUPE 116)
  • Handel Wright, Professor, Chair, CCIE, Educational Studies, Network of Centres and Institutes in Education
  • Dory Nason, Senior Instructor, First Nations & Indigenous Studies Program, Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies & Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
  • Afsaneh Sharif, Faculty Liaison, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
  • James Tansey, Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing, Sauder School of Business
  • Carol Naylor, Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects, Student Development and Services

UBC Okanagan

  • Gillian Henderson, Director, Human Resources
  • Deborah Buszard, Deputy Vice Chancellor & Principal, Deputy Vice Chancellor & Principal Office
  • Ian Cull, Designate, Deputy Vice Chancellor & Principal Office
  • Adrienne Vedan, Director, AVP Students, Aboriginal Programs & Services
  • Shirley Chau, Health & Social Development, Social Work
  • Susana Caxaj, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Equity and Inclusion Office Support

  • Aftab Erfan, Director, Dialogue & Conflict Engagement, Equity and Inclusion Office (UBCV)
  • Roshni Narain, Human Rights Adviser, Equity and Inclusion Office (UBCV)
  • Marko Pajalic, Communications Manager, Equity and Inclusion Office (UBCV)
  • Theresa Rollins, Executive Assistant, Equity and Inclusion Office (UBCV)
  • Jenica Frisque, Equity Facilitator, Equity and Inclusion Office (UBCO)

To create a structural model that is flexible and responsive to the needs of the UBC community, the Committee will form Working Groups relevant to specific strategic initiatives and recommendations identified in reports and plans. The mandate of the Working Groups is to create action-oriented recommendations to the Committee on the implementation of strategic initiatives.

On the advice of the Committee, the AVP will invite subject matter experts from across both campuses to join the Working Groups. A Chair will be identified who will sit as a member of the Committee for the duration of the life of the Working Group. A member of the Equity and Inclusion Office will support each Working Group and provide administrative and research support.