EDI Action Network Launch

Join us for the inaugural meeting of the EDI Action Network, a space for connection, shared learning, and development for students, faculty and staff working to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives within their departments and units to build a more inclusive UBC.

This half-day event will feature practical tools and approaches to common challenges faced when seeking to make change to advance EDI, with opportunities for connection and interaction with colleagues across the university.

Please note: This meeting is a pilot of the event format and as a result, event registration is limited. Before forwarding the event invitation to others, please email edi.network@ubc.ca to assess capacity.

Draft Agenda

Plenary session

  • Introduction to the network and to each other
  • Frameworks and approaches for EDI change at UBC

Interactive concurrent sessions (participants will select one)

  • Using Data and Evidence to Advance EDI: Does your unit want to gather or use evidence to help identify what EDI issues to address? This session will explore approaches and tools for using evidence (institutional data, surveys, lived experience, and other evidence) as a starting point to advance EDI change efforts in your unit/department.
  • Building EDI Awareness and Understanding in Your Unit: Does your unit want to build a foundation for future action by developing individuals’ understanding of EDI topics and issues? This session will explore frameworks and strategies to build capacity and EDI knowledge in your unit/department.
  • Taking Action: Case studies and lessons learned from unit-level EDI initiatives: Does your unit have a clear sense of the change you want to make, and want to explore how best to create a process to implement and embed these changes? This session will use case studies to explore examples of sustainable changes at the unit- and department-level and how units have achieved these shifts.

Plenary session

  • Connections, reflections and next steps

Interested in this session? Learn more about the EDI Action Network and how you can get involved.