The Ubyssey: What I LOVE about being QUEER review

Vivek Shraya and Dr. Janice Stewart at the post-film discussion

Vivek Shraya and Dr. Janice Stewart at the post-film discussion. Photo by Andi Alvarez

The queer story is one of struggle. In media the narrative goes something like this: the queer character dies; they don’t get a happy ending; or the entire movie is about their struggle and the very end we see one moment of happiness.

What I LOVE about being QUEER breaks this narrative habit. Artist Vivek Shraya’s short film, of which a screening was hosted by UBC Equity and Inclusion Office last Wednesday at the Norm Theatre, shows 34 queer-identified people answering just that question: what do they love about being queer? Their responses make for a 18 minute long anthem of love about being queer.

Many of their answers were about community. They explained how the queer community has allowed them to find unique connections and link them to humanity around the world. A shared experience allows them to find solidarity and compassion in not only their queerness, but also as fat, transgender, non-binary or a person of colour. For Shraya “it felt like I was the only gay person on the planet and so meeting others has been such a huge part of coming into my own queerness.”

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