Have Your Say: UBC Pride Installation

To build a more welcoming and inclusive UBC, the Equity & Inclusion Office is working with campus partners to bring a Pride installation to the AMS Nest. Funding for this project is provided by the graduating class of 2018 as a gift to the university community.

The installation reflects UBC’s commitments to build a more welcoming and inclusive campus community.

In collaboration with our key partners, we developed three design options and are inviting public feedback to help inform the project’s advisory committee decision.

Take a moment to tell us which of the options is your favourite and help shape of our campus community.

Project Update

Based on community feedback, Option 2 was identified as a preferred choice for location and design concept. In addition to the location preference, community expressed interest in the addition of black and brown stripes to the Pride flag.

Acting on this feedback, we’ve modified the design to add the black and brown stripes as a way to recognize the role, diversity, intersectionality, and inclusion of historically marginalized community members within, and beyond, the LGBT2SQIA+ community.

Do you have additional feedback on how inclusive this design iteration is? Let us know by Wednesday, August 8th, via the comment box below.

Pride Installation Comments

Initial Design Options

Click on each option to view the proposed design.

Which One Is Your Favourite?

Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll. We look forward to unveiling the design.

Project Overview

The proposed installation will be a permanent symbol of the University’s commitment to creating a more welcoming and inclusive UBC.

Key partners that informed the development of design options include the UBC Alma Mater Society, the UBC Pride Collective, and Campus + Community Planning, with members from the Musqueam First Nation, the First Nations House of Learning, and the project advisory committee providing additional feedback.

The installation makes visible our commitment to building respectful, supportive, educational and inclusive spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, two spirited, intersex, asexual and trans people, as well as those questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. It will recognize and celebrate the vast range of gender and sexual identities that are represented within our community.

Project Goals

  • To foster inclusivity – welcome everyone (LGBTQ2+ and allies) by bringing pride and trans colours to help signal UBC’s public spaces as positive spaces;
  • To challenge patterns of silence around LGBTQ2+ issues and persons to help create a more visibly welcoming, safer and non-exclusionary campus community for all;
  • To affirm and show UBC’s belief that our community is enriched and enlivened by the diversity of its community, including LGBTQ2+ persons;
  • To build a sense of belonging and shared purpose in UBC’s public realm;
  • To empower people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions;
  • To inspire our community through art and ideas while creating transformational experiences in the new proposed space.


We’ve selected high-quality, durable paint materials so that the installation can withstand weather elements over time. We’ve also allocated a budget for ongoing maintenance and repair through the duration of this installation.

While consideration was given to other locations on campus, this space was selected for a number of reasons, including feasibility, centrality, exposure on campus, and the connection to UBC's hub for students, the AMS Nest, and the 2018 graduating class.

Funding for this project is provided by the graduating class of 2018 as a gift to the university community.



Initial survey closed on June 24th. Following the survey, the advisory committee met to review the results and decide on the design. A second design version was developed and is presented above for feedback.


Based on community feedback, we are exploring additional design considerations as per Project Update above.


We are aiming to reveal this project in early September. More information about the reveal and any associated events will be posted here.

Advisory Committee

  • Alma Mater Society (AMS)
  • UBC Pride Collective
  • Totem Park Pride Collective
  • Queers and Gears
  • UBC Bike Co-op
  • Faculty from the Institute of Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice
  • alumni UBC
  • Equity & Inclusion Office
  • Campus + Community Planning