Partnerships Strategist (On Leave)

UBC Vancouver
He, him, his

Ajay is a movement builder, strategist, and public speaker / facilitator. He has 20 years experience in empowering communities and creating social change in the non-profit, academic, government and social innovation sectors. Prior to joining UBC, Ajay worked in health care and ran his agency Pē′pəl, which specialized in digital media strategy, deepening engagement, and social justice.

Ajay holds a BSc and MHA from UBC. He has published 5 peer-reviewed articles on system transformation. He started a PhD but has put it on hold.

He was acknowledged for his community service as a TEDx speaker and becoming one of Canada’s top five volunteers in CBC’s Champions of Change contest.

He enjoys foraging for fungi, gardening, meditating & bhangra dancing. More on Ajay:

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