Equipment Accommodation Fund (EAF)

The purpose of the Equipment Accommodation Fund is to support the University in achieving its employment equity goals. Normally, the Fund will be used to cover extraordinary costs associated with specialized adaptive supplies and equipment that 1. facilitate the recruitment of well-qualified persons with disabilities into faculty and staff positions, and 2. accommodate faculty and staff who suffer accidents or deteriorating conditions over the course of their careers at UBC.

  1. A request for funds initially should go to one’s supervisor. Funds will be allocated by the Associate Vice President, Equity, who may seek advice as they deem necessary.
  2. A request for funds must be accompanied by documentation from the Disability Resource Centre or the HSE – Health Promotion Programs Unit addressing the need for adaptive equipment or supplies, as well as commenting on alternative solutions or sources of funding for accommodation.
  3. Where possible, funds should be used to match departmental or faculty funds.
  4. In every case where funds are used to purchase equipment, it is to be understood that the equipment is University property and may be taken off campus only for purposes of conducting University business. In addition, the equipment returns to the University when the employee no longer requires the equipment or leaves the University’s employ.
  5. A request for funds to repair or replace equipment and supplies should be accompanied by the same endorsements and documentation as an initial request for funds.
  6. In cases where funds are used to provide adaptive supplies and equipment for an employee, that staff or faculty member will be identified on the UBC employment equity census as having a disability.
  7. The amount of funds and guidelines for their disbursement will be reviewed annually.

Revised Guidelines September 2007