Transcendental Education

Butterflies are often used as a symbol for the transgender community. Photo: María Leandro, Flickr

Ahead of Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20, a look at support for trans students on campus

Story by Jessica Werb

Entering university is a daunting prospect for anyone. But for UBC undergraduate student Vivianna, 19, it was particularly nerve-wracking. (She requested her last name be withheld.)

Not only did she move away from her family in Toronto, but Vivianna also transitioned to female after high school.

“I was definitely worried that I would be made fun of, or that I would be an outcast,” the soft-spoken Arts student recalls. “I’m also just a very shy person in general, so it was almost terrifying.”

When it comes to university life as a transgender student, Vivianna’s anxieties are not unusual. That’s where UBC’s Equity and Inclusion Office, and the Access and Diversity department of Student Services, come in.

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