Find Your LGBTQ2SIA+ Community at UBC

At UBC, we are building an inclusive community welcoming to people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Getting to know your campus as an LGBTQ2SIA+ student may be overwhelming. Here’s some information to get you started.

Get Connected

Throughout the school year, the Equity & Inclusion Office hosts Get Connected events that foster connections amongst LGBTQ2SIA+ students and members of historically and traditionally marginalized communities.

Check out what events are happening or get connected through diverse student clubs on campus.

Student Clubs & Groups

The Pride Collective at UBC is an AMS student resource group that offers educational and social services related to sexual orientation and gender diversity at UBC.

A community of LGBTQ2SIA+ Totem Park and Place Vanier residents who want to connect with each other.

Gears and Queers is club that supports and provides a safe space for LGBTQ2SIA+ engineering students.

Gender-Inclusive Washrooms

Gender-inclusive washrooms and change rooms are located all over UBC. Look for the sign below or find their locations on the gender-inclusive bathroom map.

All Genders Accessible Washroom Sign

Have Concerns?

If you feel that you have experienced human rights-based discrimination or if you have a harassment concern, book an appointment with the Human Rights Advisor at the Equity & Inclusion Office.