Community Spotlight: Rabaab Khehra

This International Women’s Day 2021, we decided to connect with inspiring women championing inclusion at UBC to hear their reflections on this day and perspectives on a more equitable and inclusive future.

Co-op student, Equity & Inclusion Office


How are you celebrating this International Women’s Day?

This International Women’s Day, I’m reflecting on the strength of my ancestors and the Indian women protesting against the farmers bills.

About 80% of farm work in India is undertaken by women and this bill will disproportionately affect them. Amongst many other things, in the name of free markers, this bill would weaken government intervention to ensure that farmers are paid a minimum price for their produce which leaves women without governmental support and especially vulnerable to negotiate within a male dominated marketplace.

Hence women have been protesting for months to ensure that their rights, and the rights of all farmers are protected. I am in awe of the strength of these women this women’s day and I would hope that everyone reading this takes some time today to reflect, research or donate.


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