Community Spotlight: Julia Burnham

This International Women’s Day 2021, we decided to connect with inspiring women championing inclusion at UBC to hear their reflections on this day and perspectives on a more equitable and inclusive future.

MA Student | Department of Educational Studies
Member of the UBC Vancouver Senate


What does IWD mean to you?
IWD, for me, is a day of gratitude to the women in my life who have held me up, shaped my values and have taught me everything I know.


What has your experience been like with leadership roles within and outside of UBC?
Having now run in three AMS Elections, I find myself thinking a lot about how things have changed over the years for women in student politics, and how things are still so much the same. I spend a lot of my time these days thinking about mentorship and the networks we build to hold each other up as we get talked over, underestimated and dismissed. Relationships are at the core of good advocacy and leadership, and it’s this part of the work that sustains me through the doubt and frustration.


One self-care tip that worked for you during these challenging times.

Finding a relaxing craft! I took up knitting in the pandemic and it’s brought me a lot of joy (and beautiful finished products to wear).


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