Educational Programming

Whether you are new to UBC or a long-standing member of the campus community, this workshop provides a review of relevant UBC policies and strategic documents that frame equity and inclusion initiatives and approaches at UBC (Policy #3: Discrimination and Harassment; Policy #131: Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Misconduct; UBC’s Respectful Environment Statement). Participants examine how inclusion is achieved through a commitment to equity and intentional design and implementation of policies, programs and education in every aspect of campus life.

This workshop can be tailored to provide information about relevant UBC commitments and strategic priorities as they pertain to specific learning needs, adapting to the needs of units, departments, faculties and student groups.

Audience: Students, Staff & Faculty

Workshop Length: Flexible (30 – 90 minutes)

Interested to learn how to build an inclusive and respectful working environment? Curious about what to say when somebody makes an inappropriate comment? Want to know how to handle situations that are embarrassing at work? Building these skills can help ensure you are active in your work environment to be  supportive and inclusive. In this workshop, attendees will learn about what makes a respectful community at UBC. Participants will have the opportunity to learn to use inclusive language, how to interrupt practices that are problematic, and how to respond respectfully to being ‘called out’ or told what’s been said or done is offensive all of which are foundational skills to fostering a respectful inclusive community. This workshops ideal for UBC members who what to enhance their work, study and living communities.

Audience: Students, Staff & Faculty

Workshop Length: 90 min

This workshop focuses on building intercultural competencies, exploring unconscious bias in and outside the classroom, inclusive language skills, and building and sustaining inclusive and respectful classroom/lab/learning environments. These workshops can be tailored to the needs of your department and discipline.

Audience: Student-Staff & Faculty

Workshop Length: 60-90 min

As students, you are leaders in building community on campus. But how does a question like: “But where are you REALLY from?” and the belief that, “I treat everyone the same” negatively impact experiences of your members and the success of your student club/group? This workshop will explore how microaggressions and unconscious bias can impact the student experience. We will explore how as student leaders you can support your diverse peers feel respected and included. Successful students are welcoming and inclusive because of its leadership and it starts with you.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will learn about:

  1. Micro-aggressions – What is it? What’s the impact? How can I support my peers?
  2. Unconscious bias & Affinity bias – What is it? What’s the impact? How can I support my peers?
  3. Reflect on how leadership through respect and inclusion leads to an awesome UBC experience.

Audience: Students

Workshop Length: 1 hr

This training and collection of resources aims to support search committees in their efforts to recruit and hire excellent faculty and staff, through a fair and equitable process. It summarizes key considerations and good practices at every stage of the selection process and gives search committees shared language and an encouragement to openly discuss issues of equity as they conduct the search.
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This training consists of four modules:

  1. Background
  2. Phase 1: Advertising & recruitment
  3. Phase 2: Screening & short-listing
  4. Phase 3: Interview & selection

Course Length: 45 min

With the addition: After completing the training you can request a workshop for your search committee on integrating these equity best practices into your hiring process.

Equity & Inclusion Office Facilitators will design a presentation that is responsive to a group’s particular interests/concerns regarding equity, diversity and inclusion at UBC. An Equity Facilitator will meet with a faculty, department, student groups, or organizers in the lead-up to the workshop to identify and assess for learning needs, content, and suitable format presentation. Request a custom workshop.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Education

Staff play an essential role in setting tone in working, living and learning environments on campus, and often set the day-to-day rules (said and unsaid) that impact people and spaces. Our working and learning spaces require care and attention, and all employees have the responsibility to ensure respectful and welcoming environments.

Building and sustaining healthy workplace environments may require staff to learn to recognize and acquire skills that respond to overt and subtle forms of intolerance.

This workshop will take staff through terminology, scenarios and tips for welcoming and being inclusive of trans and gender non-conforming students and fellow employees in the workplace

Is your UBC working, learning or living environment welcoming and inclusive to sexual and gender diverse students, staff and faculty? Would you like to learn more how to improve and positively impact the climate for sexual and gender diversity?

The Positive Space foundational workshop covers current language, issues, resources, and best practices in an interactive and experiential learning environment. Participants will gain relevant knowledge and skills to use in their academic, work and campus life.

Once you have attended the foundational workshop you will have the option to volunteer as Resource Person for the Positive Space campaign. Students, staff and faculty who are interested in attending the workshop are welcome. A Positive Space sticker will be provided to all participants to display in their work, learning or living space. Display of the sticker indicates you have a working knowledge of sexual orientation and gender identity terminology, policies and practices that support sexual and gender diverse students and employees, as well as issues in the campus environment.

Audience: Students, Staff & Faculty

Workshop Length: 2 hrs

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