Employment Equity Online Census

Step by Step Guide to Complete the On Line Employment Equity Census

  1. Log on to Faculty and Staff Self-Service at www.msp.ubc.ca.
  2. Locate mySurveys box on the bottom left menu.
  3. Click on Employment Equity Census Survey.
  4. Complete the Survey.
  5. If you do not wish to complete the Survey – Check the box on the first question ‘If you do not wish to complete this census, please check this box’, and close the browser.
  6. You are Done!

If you do not have a CWL Log-in, you may wish to sign up for one at www.cwl.ubc.ca.

Other Options

  1. You may complete the Employment Equity Census(PDF) and send it by:
    1. E-mail: equity@equity.ubc.ca OR
    2. Fax: 604.822.6993
  2. You may also request a paper version of the Employment Equity Census by e-mailing equity@equity.ubc.ca.

A major step in implementing an employment equity program at UBC was the dissemination of a survey in 1990 to all faculty and staff to determine the current representation of the four groups designated under the Employment Equity Act – women, visible minorities, Aboriginal people and persons with disabilities. This meant conducting a census on campus. Subsequently, all new UBC employees have been asked to complete an employment equity survey. Summary data was used to develop an employment equity program and this same data is used as a baseline to report on employment equity progress. The Canadian Human Rights Commission and the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal fully support employment equity surveys and programs.

Since 1990, the demographics of the staff and faculty may have changed. In particular, faculty or staff who did not identify as persons with a disability when they completed the census may have now have a disability. It would also be helpful to have some additional information about sub-groups within some of the designated groups. For example, some groups classified as “visible minorities”, may face more or different barriers to employment than do other “visible minority” groups. We must ask additional questions to identify those distinctions. In addition, some historically disadvantaged groups, particularly members of LGBQT communities, have not been included in our employment equity planning. To do so, we need to collect data on their representation in the UBC workforce. It is for these reasons that the Equity and Inclusion Office is conducting a new on-line census in late November 2008.

Census Communications