Through the Lens: Deaf Culture and Awareness

Amar will discuss Deaf Culture, its impacts from his personal perspectives, and his life journey as Deaf person. Through the initiative he founded on Instagram, Sign With Amar, he will share the barriers in sign language, how the initiative overcomes them, and the perspectives on communication and accessibility. There will be a Q&A session at the end for audience questions.

The UBC Equity & Inclusion Office is excited to present another Through the Lens series, a series of interactive workshops exploring how different identities intersect, navigate and experience UBC while offering practical ideas on creating a more inclusive campus.

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Led by experienced community leaders, Through the Lens aims to provoke meaningful conversations on issues of identity, diversity, equity and inclusion. Each workshop provides an opportunity to learn, connect and join a network of allies across campus through story-telling, statistics and other resources.

My name is Amar Mangat, founder of Sign With Amar. I am a freelancer working with LGBTQ+ youth for facilitate workshops and youth groups. I have a passion for Deaf Interpretation and work both with communities and independently. I founded Sign With Amar on Instagram to spread the knowledge of ASL and teach sign of the day. I am also working at a retail store as a Customer Service Support. I love smiling and inspiring others by being creative, being successful through personal growth on career paths. Self care is one of my priorities and something I am passionate about. I have been the Deaf Interpreter for Black Lives Matter, People of Colours, and Indigenous events in Vancouver BC to help the communities, make it about love and learn, and to spread about ASL over on Sign With Amar.