Is There Hope for a More Inclusive Future? Welcoming Faith on Campus

The Equity & Inclusion Office invites you to join us for a series of three dialogue events as we explore religious identity within the context of the university environment and what we can do to foster a campus climate in which religious identities are welcomed, seen, accepted, and fairly treated.

Our last session is designed to explore the places of possibility at UBC, and for ways to increase the possibility of community members feeling free to bring more of themselves to campus.


At UBC, we recognize the importance of spirituality and we believe spirituality is just as important to student health as regular exercise and good eating habits.

We also recognize and extend the protection for religious freedoms as provided under the provincial human rights legislation, the Charter of Rights and Freedom, and UBC Policy No. 3: Discrimination and Harassment.

Yet, preliminary findings from a series of qualitative interviews with members of the UBC community (as part of an ongoing research study) suggest that some community members may feel the need to limit the extent to which they express their faith identity and practices.

Given the protections in place around the freedom of religion, what are some factors that may lead individuals to feel that they need to limit their expression of faith identity and practice? To what extent might some of these sentiments emerge in response to current global events and patterns (e.g. the apparent rise of religious extremism), or to debates around competing rights?

All sessions are free and open to UBC students, faculty and staff and are professionally designed and facilitated by a group of faculty and staff with expertise in this subject area. Each session will feature creativity and dialogue to open new ways of thinking and connecting.

Light dinner included. RSVP required as space is limited.

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