Get Connected: Queer, Trans & Allies Movie Night

Come and get connected! The UBC Equity & Inclusion Office is hosting a movie night for Queer and/or Trans students and their allies. Join us for dinner and a screening of Finding by Love Intersections followed by a Q&A discussion session with the filmmakers, Jen Sungshine and David Ng.

Finding is a short film series about finding queer history, queer dance, queer disability language, queer sports, and queer family & hope.

Check out the film trailer:

About the filmmakers

Jen Sungshine speaks for a living, but lives for breathing life into unspoken situations in unusual places. She is a nerdy queer Taiwanese interdisciplinary artist, activist, facilitator, and community mentor based in Vancouver, BC, and the Co-Creative Director and founder of Love Intersections, a media arts collective that cultivate a vision of collaborative filmmaking and relational storytelling. Jen’s artistic practice involves leaning through unlearning; and instead of calling you out, she wants to call you in, to make artful social change with her. In the audience, she looks for art in your interruption.

David Ng is a queer feminist and Co-Founder of Love Intersections. He is a media artist and cultural producer, who is interested in using artistic practice to create social transformation.

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At UBC, we sometimes use the expression queer + trans to represent a wide variety of identities. This includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans (transgender, genderqueer, non-binary), two-spirit, questioning, intersex, and asexual – and also the possibility of an infinite variety of identities outside of these, or not represented here.