Big Questions? Big Answers.

The Big Questions? Big Answers campaign encourages conversations around issues that matter to the UBC community and challenges people’s accepted or typical ways of thinking.

It provides information to new and existing members of our community about the services and resources available at UBC to tackle issues related to equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Explore some of our questions below:

  • What is the difference between freedom of speech and political correctness?
  • Are race and ethnicity the same thing?
  • Can we afford to joke? Can we afford not to?
  • Why don’t my professors look like me?
  • How can an ally stand in solidarity with minority groups?
  • How do I handle offensive remarks (e.g. racist/sexist/homophobic comments) in my everyday life?
  • Can men be feminists?
  • How does my power and privilege complicate inclusion at UBC?
  • Can increasing diversity at UBC change the way I learn or teach?
  • What if I use the wrong language when I speak up about social justice issues?

What’s your big question? Submit it here. 

We’ve asked members of the UBC community some Big Questions.
Explore their Big Answers:

  • Can we afford to joke? Can we afford not to?
    By Dr. Aftab Erfan, Director, Dialogue and Conflict Engagement, EIO.
    How do we find and navigate the line between laughable and inappropriate in our interactions in the UBC community?


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