Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in UBC’s Research Community: Dimensions Pilot

At UBC, we recognize that equity, diversity and inclusion strengthen the research community, the quality, relevance and impact of research, and the opportunities for the full pool of potential participants in the research ecosystem.

In 2019, UBC endorsed the Dimensions Charter, which outlines the principles that institutions commit to, to foster increased research excellence, innovation and creativity through greater equity, diversity and inclusion.

Initiated by the Canadian federal government, the Dimensions program aims to enable transformational change within the research community at Canadian post-secondary institutions by identifying and eliminating obstacles and inequities for marginalized and under-represented people. UBC’s participation in the Dimensions program reinforces our commitment to ensure equitable access to funding opportunities, increase equitable and inclusive participation in research and embed EDI-related considerations in research design and practices across the institution.

UBC is one of 17 Canadian post-secondary institutions participating in the program, which seeks to identify and eliminate obstacles and inequities for marginalized and under-represented people in research.

The UBC Dimensions pilot project is co-led by the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation and UBC’s Equity & Inclusion Office.

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