Meet Our Team

Associate Vice-President

Dr. Finlay supports institution-wide efforts to create a supportive environment for working, learning and living where respect, civility, diversity, opportunity and inclusion are valued. These values are central to social sustainability for all members of the university community.

Dr. Finlay received her B.A. (English Language and Literature) in 1987 from Huron College, Western University, followed by a B.A.A. (Radio and Television Arts) from Ryerson University in 1990; and her M.A. (Women’s Studies) and Ph.D. (Communication and Media Studies) in 1997 and 2001 from Loughborough University. She also holds a Post-graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching (Higher Education) from the Southampton Institute, Hants, UK.

Dr. Finlay commenced her professional research and teaching career in the UK at Loughborough University, lecturing in Media and Sociology, and then at the Southampton Institute, in Media with Cultural Studies, focusing on gender, race, class, culture and identity. Moving into administration, Dr. Finlay became head of Media Studies at the College of St. Mark & St. John, Plymouth, UK. In 2004, Dr. Finlay became a lecturer in the Institute for Culture and Communication at the University of Toronto and served as the director, faculty and academic life at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada from 2004 to 2015.

Director, Equity & Inclusion

Dr. Jude Tate is the Director, Equity & Inclusion appointed March 2016. A new leadership role at UBC, Dr. Tate is responsible for leading the development and implementation of strategic plans and initiatives to support the university’s commitments to equity, inclusion and mutual respect on both campuses for students, staff and faculty. Dr. Tate’s work also is the lead for the work of the Equity Facilitators in the Equity & Inclusion Office on both campuses, and  the Student Diversity Initiative Strategic Support Team.

Dr. Tate brings a wealth of expertise in equity and diversity from her previous roles at UBC including Senior Advisor to the Dean, Faculty of Education, Special Advisor to the Provost, Academic Equity Initiatives, and Senior Advisor to the Vice-President, Human Resources. Previously, Jude served as the Sexual and Gender Diversity Officer at the University of Toronto (1999-2011), and brings valuable leadership, expertise and experience in the learning, working and living environments in post-secondary environments.  A recognized expert in the field, Dr. Tate’s research centers on policy and inclusion practices for sexual and gender minorities in university settings.

Director, Dialogue and Conflict Engagement

Dr. Aftab Erfan joined EIO in March 2017 in the newly created position of Director, Dialogue & Conflict Engagement. Within this role, Aftab builds the social and institutional infrastructure to enable members of the UBC community(s) to work with their conflicts as they naturally and inevitably emerge. Previously, she spent four years working as an international consultant, holding space for contentious conversations on four continents within the public, private, academic and non-profit sectors. She holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences and a minor in Fine Arts (UBC), a Masters in Urban Planning (McGill), and a PhD in Community and Regional Planning from UBC, where she has also taught graduate level courses since 2009. She is cautiously optimistic about the future of humanity.

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Communications Manager

Marko is responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies that engage the campus community in activities of the Equity & Inclusion Office and help demonstrate UBC’s commitment to excellence, diversity, and inclusion. A UBC alumnus, Marko brings experience of working in higher education, research, local and federal government, consulting, and non-profit settings. Prior to joining the Equity & Inclusion Office, Marko managed communication and engagement efforts with the UBC Sustainability Initiative. As part of his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Marko studied international conflict, human security, good governance and geo-politics. He completed a certificate in public participation from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and continues to pursue professional development related to communications, public relations and management.

Work Phone:
work phone: 8272384
Human Rights Advisor

As the Human Rights Advisor, Roshni brings extensive experience in the fields of human rights and anti-discrimination, sexualized violence and counselling. She arrives to the EIO from the Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition where she facilitated the resolution of concerns of discrimination and harassment. Roshni worked as an educator and researcher, she is passionate about social justice and works diligently to support an environment of equity and fairness with a commitment to fostering social change. Using an intersectional framework forged from her considerable experience working on issues of race, gender, sexuality and (dis)ability, Roshni centers a solution-focused approach to enhance positive working environments and relationships.

Working closely with the Director of Dialogue & Conflict Engagement at EIO, and in partnership with a number of colleagues across the institution, Roshni provides information, support, referrals and resources to members of the UBC community who believe they may have a human-rights based discrimination or harassment concern. She offers a space for confidential conversations that can illuminate options ranging from informal resolution of conflicts to filing a complaint. Her work supports the university’s commitment to meaningful engagement with conflict as a component of building and sustaining a respectful and productive work environments at UBC.

Equity Facilitator

Rachael E. Sullivan is a passionate educator in the areas of gender and sexual diversity, student leadership and Active Bystander interventions. After earning her doctorate from the Sociology Department, she taught for two years at UBC before joining the Equity & Inclusion Office in 2014. Since then, she has been involved in the Positive Space campaign, co-developing various workshops that promote equitable and inclusive approaches to teaching and learning, as well as working and living at UBC. As a keen collaborator with the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers (CSI&C), Rachael has contributed to the Community Building Education curriculum, facilitator training and delivery for UBC’s largest annual student leader training day Spring Welcome.

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Equity Facilitator

Jenica Frisque is passionate about fostering inclusion at UBC Okanagan through the delivery and facilitation of programs, and conversations that raise awareness of and embed the values of equity, diversity, intercultural understanding and mutual respect for all members of the campus community in the fabric of the campus and community. Beyond her education credentials, which include an MSc in international development from Lund University and an MA in sociology from Malmo University in Sweden, Jenica has travelled extensively and worked in the diversity and gender equity fields in Latin America, Canada and Sweden.

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Project Manager

As project manager for the Student Diversity initiative, Maureen comes to the Equity and Inclusion office with experience working for local and regional governments, university and community-based research projects, and the non-profit immigrant service sector. Maureen is a double degree UBC alumni graduating from the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning (Social and Community Planning), and an honors BA in Sociology. She is also an alumnus from the University of Toronto, where she earned a MA in Sociology. Outside of the EIO office, Maureen is active in the Filipinx-Canadian community, serving newly arrived immigrant youth through mentorship, an endeavor that continuously inspires her intersectional work in planning, education, and social justice.

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Advisor, Strategic Support Team

Jenna works across the Equity and Inclusion Office and the VP Students’ Office, supporting the Student Diversity Initiative as well as departments such as Wellbeing, Athletics, and Recreation. Jenna’s role focuses on enhancing the student experience, creating connections with student leaders across campus, as well as bringing on new partners and supporting the growth of the SDI. Jenna came to this role as a student leader at UBC Vancouver, where she was a vocal advocate for students on issues of diversity, wellbeing and affordability, graduating with a BA in International Relations and Religious Studies. Her previous experience as an involved student has allowed her to lend institutional knowledge to the Student Diversity Initiative and an understanding of the student experience.

Administrative Coordinator

Leena coordinates educational programming and provides administrative support for the EIO. She holds a BSc in International Economics from Georgetown University. Before joining the EIO, Leena was a Social Policy & Economics researcher. She is interested in the use of immersive technologies for driving social change and human development.

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Educational Consultant, Student Diversity Initiative

In partnership with the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, Hélène helps develop leading pedagogical strategies, educational modules, and learning tools to support student diversity, inclusion, and intercultural understanding, with the goal to enhance the experiences of all students in the classroom. Hélène has over 10 years of experience with educational initiatives focused on equity and inclusion, and has developed several classes in the Faculty of Arts on social inequality and diversity. Outside of work, Hélène can usually be found hiking, reading about dog training, or baking with lots of butter and chocolate.

Hélène holds a Master’s and PhD from UBC’s Department of Sociology, and a BA from Paris 3-Sorbonne-Nouvelle.

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As a Strategist with the Student Diversity Initiative, Maryam works with Student Development and Services leadership to support strategic development and implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion policies and practices; presently, she is developing a diversity competence framework for the 200+ staff in SD&S. As evidenced by her scholarship and previously held positions over the past 15 years as a post-doctoral fellow, social policy researcher, instructor and community planner, Maryam has successfully developed and implemented a range of strategic, programmatic, educational and policy initiatives for enhancing experiences and opportunities for individuals and communities to whom social structures offer least. She holds a PhD in Educational Studies from UBC (2012).

Work Phone:
work phone: 8224344
Planning and Evaluation Strategist

Charlene Phung has worked in planning and evaluation in healthcare, government, and post-secondary education in a range of areas including wellbeing, immigration and settlement, community services, and student services. Across these areas Charlene has led needs assessments, strategic planning, program and policy development, and monitoring and evaluation to support evidence-based decision-making. Charlene is motivated by her desire to reduce social inequities through evidence based decision making. Her passion for social change was sparked by her Master’s degree in Population and Public Health (Simon Fraser University).

Outside of her work she is an aspiring potter, who dreams of one day doing pottery full-time.

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Planning and Evaluation Strategist, Student Diversity Initiative

Lucy provides strategic support with primary responsibility for the research, development, implementation and analysis of diversity related to the student experience within the Faculty of Arts. Lucy completed her Bachelor of Arts at Columbia University and her Master’s in Social Policy and Planning from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Lucy previously worked as Research and Policy Officer at the National Union of Students in the UK, with the portfolio of equity, diversity, and inclusion in postsecondary education. Lucy’s publications include Learning with Care: Experiences of Student Carers in the UK (NUS, 2013) and Out in Sport: LGBT Students’ Experiences of Sport (NUS, 2012). Outside of work, Lucy enjoys being active in the outdoors.

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Organizational Diversity Strategist

Tracy is the Organizational Diversity Strategist with the Student Diversity Initiative. Her work supports university partners in identifying strengths, challenges and opportunities for creating a system-wide culture of inclusion at UBC. She has 17 years of experience in leadership in the multiculturalism and immigration sector where she developed and delivered programming to build the capacity of BC communities to be inclusive of cultural diversity and newcomers. Tracy has a Masters in Psychotherapy and Spirituality and is a practicing psychotherapist who is passionate about the potential of creativity to support change processes.

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Communications and Engagement Strategist

Kate Swaney joined the Student Diversity Initiative in January 2018. Working with the team and partners, she develops and implements communication plans and strategies for a variety of projects and audiences.

Kate’s experience is in digital communications and marketing with a strong focus in online engagement, organizational narrative, and brand voice. Most recently Kate worked as Marketing Manager for the City of Vancouver owned Civic Theatres, where she focused on community engagement and partnerships, branding, and event marketing. Previously she served as a Digital Strategist at the City of Vancouver, specializing in digital channel shift.

Driven by innovation, Kate looks forward to exploring how emerging communication and engagement tools can support SDI and EIO projects.

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Arriving to UBC in 2009, Theresa has provided senior administrative support to various departments, including Finance, Facilities, Information Technology (IT), and HR. with her most recent appointment as the Administrative Manager, UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI) and Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS).

In the Executive Assistant role, Theresa is responsible for providing confidential executive administrative and operation support to the Associate Vice-President (AVP), and works closely with senior members of the Equity & Inclusion Office (EIO).

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Educational Consultant, Student Diversity Initiative

Hanae leads the planning, development, delivery and evaluation of programs to enhance the UBC teaching and learning community’s capacity in creating inclusive and equitable classroom environments across UBC. Her work particularly focuses on fostering classroom climates that integrate diverse voices, including those that have been marginalized or excluded, for respectful and meaningful dialogues. As a member of the Student Diversity Initiative, her role is operationally embedded within the Teaching, Learning and Professional Development team in the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology.

She has over 17 years of academic and professional experience in equity, inclusion and intercultural learning in higher education, and she has a PhD in Educational Studies from UBC.

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Engagement Strategist

Louise supports and coordinates University-wide engagement efforts related to the updating of UBC’s Employment Equity Plan, the development of the Canada Research Chair Program Equity & Diversity Action Plan, and relevant areas of the EIO and UBC strategic plan.

Louise has an MA in Gender Analysis in Development, and 25 years of diverse experience in the non-profit and education sectors nationally and internationally. She has worked as a network facilitator, instructor, country director, consultant, board president and volunteer in many diverse and complex situations. She is passionate about collaborating with others to build stronger communities where all can thrive.

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Zenia is a Planning & Evaluation Strategist within the Student Diversity Initiative focused on student diversity topics within Enrolment Services. She first moved to Vancouver 5 years ago as a co-op health economics researcher at the BC Cancer Agency, as part of her Master of Public Service from the University of Waterloo. Since then she has worked in health policy and research roles in Toronto and the UK. She recently moved back to Vancouver from Toronto where she worked as a consultant within a global change management firm. She is interested in the social determinants of health and behavioural change, ignited from a Bachelor of Health Studies and Political Science from McMaster University.

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