Learning, Research, and Engagement

To fulfill the fourth goal of the Inclusion Action plan, here are some actions that UBC will take in order to foster environments of learning, research, and engagement that value building and exchanging multiple and intersectional ways of knowing.

LEADS: Provosts; VP, Research & Innovation
Establish awards, funding, and incentives that recognize outstanding equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives and contributions in learning, research, and engagement, including community engaged research and community-led initiatives.

LEADS: Provosts; Senates
Encourage and support instructors and teaching assistants to implement inclusive course design, teaching practice, and assessments.

LEADS: VP, Research & Innovation; Provosts
Embed equity, diversity, and inclusion principles in the review processes for all funding programs and award nominations including VP Research & Innovation-administered internal funding competitions, internal research awards, institutional nominations for external awards and honours, and funding programs that require adjudication and peer-review. Equitably support researchers to develop funding proposals and award nominations.

LEADS: Provosts, VP, Research & Innovation
Advance the principles and intended outcomes of the equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives of the Canada Research Chairs Program and the Dimensions Charter, as well as other existing and future government funding programs.

LEADS: VP, External Relations; VP, Finance & Operations; VP, Research & Innovation; Provosts
Proactively build and strengthen UBC’s relationships and improve institutional systems to appropriately recognize and compensate community members’ engagement, and work more effectively with communities and organizations representing those who have been marginalized.

LEADS: Senates; VP, Students; Provosts
Review and improve mechanisms to ensure that student perspectives on the inclusiveness of their learning experiences are integrated into the improvement of teaching.

LEADS: All VPs; Indigenous Engagement Committee; Provosts
Work in alignment with the Indigenous Strategic Plan to support learning, research, and engagement at UBC that reflect the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls’ Calls for Justice, and are consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Looking to activate these actions in your unit?
Access the Activating Inclusion Toolkit.