Capacity Building

To fulfill the third goal of the Inclusion Action plan, here are some actions that UBC will take in order to enhance institutional and individual capacities and skills to succeed in and advance inclusive environments and work to sustain and continually evolve that capacity as skills and capabilities are increased.

LEADS: Provosts; VP, Human Resources; VP, Students; VP, Research & Innovation
Resource, develop, implement, and evaluate comprehensive education and training programs on equity, diversity, and inclusion for students, faculty, and staff. Embed this education and training in recruitment processes, onboarding, assessment and performance reviews, and professional development for staff and faculty; and in curricular and co-curricular contexts for students.

LEADS: Provosts; VP, Human Resources; VP, Students; VP, External Relations
Facilitate and provide opportunities for dialogue and conversation around sensitive topics at UBC and beyond. Build conflict engagement skills and practices among all members of UBC’s community to equip people for working across differences.

LEADS: Provosts; VP, Human Resources
Develop EDI curriculum and deliver/leverage training specifically for leadership at all levels to deepen understanding and encourage modelling of inclusive behavior, with a focus on applied skills and performance management in diverse workplaces.

LEADS: Provosts; Senates
Embed equity and inclusion education into curriculum and program requirements for all students that incorporates intercultural understanding, empathy and mutual respect (see Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action (iii) and UBC’s Indigenous Strategic Plan).

Looking to activate these actions in your unit?
Access the Activating Inclusion Toolkit.