To fulfill the fifth goal of the Inclusion Action plan, UBC will hold itself accountable, through clear and timely processes, thorough evaluation, and transparent reporting to the UBC communities on its progress on this action plan.

LEADS: VP, Human Resources; Provosts; VP, Students

Establish mechanisms for annual reporting on inclusive actions, including plans for future progress.

LEADS: VP, Human Resources; VP, Finance & Operations; VP, Students

Ensure Workday collects institutional data with appropriate privacy safeguards to enable regular systematic analyses of access, engagement, promotion, success, attrition, etc., for students, staff, and faculty.

LEADS: VP, Human Resources; Board of Governors

Review and enhance streamlined mechanisms and related policies to better support people who experience harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and bullying to report incidents and policy breaches, and ensure annual reporting on aggregated incidents.

LEADS: VP, Finance & Operations

Create EDI criteria to engage all external contractors to work toward supporting an inclusive environment at UBC, and as a condition for being added to the preferred list of vendors or contractors for UBC.

LEADS: Provosts; Deans

Create terms of reference for the self-study document and directions to reviewers for external
department and/or program reviews that includes:

  • an examination of the diversity of people within
    the department and concrete efforts to address
    any under-representation;
  • an analysis of the integration of historically
    marginalized forms of knowledge into the
  • a demonstration within the department of
    the fulfillment of the Truth and Reconciliation
    Commission of Canada’s Call to Action,
    particularly Call 63 (iii).

LEADS: Equity & Inclusion Office

Report annually to the campus communities on the progress of this plan, including actions planned and undertaken in each division, progress made, and updated information on changes in the metrics for each goal.

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