Spirituality 101: Figuring out faith at UBC
Check out Maahin Ahmed's brief guide to figuring out faith and spirituality at UBC.

We’re queer, we’re here: Queer and trans visibility at UBC
Explore some of the resources and spaces available to support your journey of self discovery.

What’s in a name?
Our names are an incredibly important part of our identity.

Biological Essentialism and Scholarly Debate
Read Dr. Sara-Jane Finlay and Dr. Jennifer Love's response to the memo by former Google employee James Damore.

Pride at UBC: Elysa Razif
UBC Arts undergraduate Elysa Razif reflects on her coming out journey and first Pride!

Pride at UBC: Callan McDonald
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Pride at UBC: Adrian Fischer
Adrian Fischer reflects on what Pride means to him and the importance of joy in Pride.

Pride at UBC: Anne Fleming
UBC Professor and author Anne Fleming reflects on what pride means to her and her experiences celebrating pride.

Can we afford to joke?
How do we find and navigate the line between laughable and inappropriate in our interactions in the UBC community?