Our Equity Facilitators

Our experienced Equity & Inclusion Facilitators offer workshops for students, staff, faculty and representatives from unions, employee associations, departmental equity committees and the wider community.

Our education and training programming aims to promote and sustain respectful learning and working environments to the campus at large.

Request Training

When training is requested, the following minimal information is required:

  • Name, department, faculty or group and contact information of person requesting the session
  • Type of presentation or workshop desired (e.g. Equity Issues and Human Rights at UBC, Cultural Diversity…)
  • Length of presentation required
  • Proposed date, time and location of workshop or presentation
  • Audience/participants — who are they and how many are expected?

An Equity Facilitator will be in touch after the request is confirmed to obtain additional information in order to customize the session.

The Equity & Inclusion Office is responsible for:

  • Providing equity facilitators for the presentation
  • Notification to department/group of training support requirements
  • Creation and delivery of the content of the workshop or presentation
  • Provision of any handouts or overheads

The person or department requesting a session is responsible for:

  • Publicity of the workshop
  • Enrolment of participants
  • Room set-up, stationery supplies and AV requirements, as requested by the Equity & Inclusion Office
  • Introduction of, or provision of a designate to introduce, the session
  • Refreshments, if desired
  • Rescheduling of the session if the minimum enrolment is not met

If you’ve taken a look at our educational programming options and are ready to request training, please contact us at workshop@equity.ubc.ca.

Contact Our Equity Facilitators

If you’d like to reach out to a specific Equity Facilitator for your campus, please find their contact information below:

Name Title Campus Phone Email
Adeline Huynh Equity Facilitator Vancouver 604.822.8068 adeline.huynh@ubc.ca
Rachael E. Sullivan Equity Facilitator Vancouver 604.827.2228 rachael.sullivan@ubc.ca
Jeannine Kuemmerle Equity Facilitator Okanagan 250.807.9291 jeannine.kuemmerle@ubc.ca

What our educational programming participants have to say:

  • Nice, open discussion. Facilitation was refreshingly honest.
  • It was very encouraging to see there are more resources than we might expect/know. Thank you!
  • I really liked the inclusive environment and respect between peers and leaders. There was also a great judgement-free environment. 
  • I feel like this is such an important and complex topic that calls for more reflection and education on my part. This was a great start!
  • I appreciated that [the workshop facilitator] was upfront about not being an expert and didn’t let us get too caught up in the terminology but rather the idea of respect, non-assumption, and privilege-checking.

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