Welcome to UBC!

I love the start of the new school year – the hope, the optimism, the fun, and excitement!

Throughout this year, the Equity & Inclusion Office will be focusing on building spaces for dialogue that will challenge you, so that we can ask Big Questions and search for the Big Answers that these questions deserve. By recognizing the intersecting identities and life experiences that you bring to campus, we will foster inclusivity and create a campus that is both supportive and challenging – impacting our view of the world and our campus community.

Faculty and staff across both campuses are excited to welcome you, and many have worked to call out the racism and bigotry that we have seen over the summer. Each of them will extend to you a warm welcome, no matter who you are. They will be your guides and inspirations as you join us in discussing the Big Questions and seeking the Big Answers that will shape and form your experience at UBC.

Sara-Jane Finlay, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Equity & Inclusion
University of British Columbia

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