UBC Equity & Inclusion Annual Report 2015/2016

The UBC Equity & Inclusion Office Annual Report 2015/2016 has been released. Read it here.

Introduction to the Annual Report

Reflecting on my first year as the Associate Vice President, Equity & Inclusion, I am struck by the energy and commitment that exists to fulfill the vision of the Equity & Inclusion Office:

Through leadership, vision and collaborative action, the Equity & Inclusion Office continues to further UBC’s commitment to excellence, equity and mutual respect.

In the past year the Office has collaborated with faculties, units and stakeholders across both campuses to embed equity, diversity, inclusion and intercultural understanding.

Several of the highlights of the 2015/2016 academic year:

  • Provided funding for twenty community projects on both campuses through the UBC Equity Enhancement Fund;
  • Expanded student leadership to include Active Witnessing training and the Equity Ambassadors peer program;
  • Introduced a series of workshops for faculty and staff called ‘Connect with Respect’;
  • Partnered with campus units to present exciting public events such as the Realities of Racism conference; UBC Centennial Lunar New Year Festival; and Sexual Assault on Trial: Ghomeshi, Survivors, Media & the Law.
  • Supported the development of UBC’s first Sexual Assault policy to provide clarity for survivors and their supporters;
  • Welcomed Dr. Jude Tate as Director, Equity & Inclusion in March 2016;
  • Conducted “U Count at UBC”, a university-wide employment equity census of faculty and staff

As we look forward to the 2017/18 academic year, I am excited about some of the partnership opportunities we are undertaking to further our community’s common goals.

  • With new strengths and talents in the Office, we will be able to respond to the education, facilitation and conflict engagement needs of the University.
  • We will undertake a diversity assessment to better understand how to best attract, retain and support to success a diverse range of students.
  • We will work closely with Wellbeing@UBC to create an inclusive and connected community that can flourish.

Through our Respectful Environment statement, the University envisions a climate with the best possible conditions for learning, research and work that is supported by an environment that is dedicated to excellence, equity, diversity and inclusion. Diversity, equity, and excellence are not only institutional values; they are also about the people who make up our UBC community.

Through the access program it provides, the professional development offered to our staff and managers, and the work that has been done to recruit excellent faculty and staff, UBC is striving to create a diverse population of students, staff, and faculty. To succeed as a world-class university, UBC recognizes that diversity is necessary for excellence.

The Equity & Inclusion Office contributes to this mission through three fundamental activities:

1. Compliance and Data Collection – through robust data collection and analysis as well as case and issues management, the Equity & Inclusion Office uses a research informed approach to all of its work.

2. Education and Leadership – whether sharing the wonderful initiatives taking place across the University or through custom-built presentations and workshops, a key role for the Equity & Inclusion Office is education and communication of the core values of mutual respect and inclusion.

3. Proactive Initiatives – from developing resiliency, to conflict management, to creating impactful programs, the Equity & Inclusion Office works closely with faculty, staff and students to ensure they have the tools and skills necessary to create a socially sustainable community.

The work of the Office requires building strong partnerships and rich collaborations. This year we will continue to work closely with units to support and facilitate equity and diversity initiatives that benefit the university community at large.

Sara-Jane Finlay, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Equity & Inclusion