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Effective immediately, the preferred first name of a student can be used on their UBCcard. These changes recognize students with non-Western names and trans and gender non-conforming students whose legal first name may not match their gender identity or expression. This new practice supports UBC’s commitment to a respectful and inclusive community.

How do I update or add my preferred name?

To update or change your preferred name you can contact your Enrolment Services Professional (ESP)  and request the update or change. They will confirm when the change has been made.  You must do this even if you have provided your preferred name when applying to UBC.

How do I update my UBCcard?

Update your UBCcard with your preferred name please follow the instructions below.

  1. Update your preferred name by contacting your ESP.
  2. Wait 48 hours for the change to appear on the system.
  3. Visit the UBC Access Desk and request a card renewal with your preferred name.

There is no charge to get a new UBCcard with your preferred name on the card.  For more information, go to UBC Access Desk

Implications of changing your preferred name

While UBC allows students to indicate their preferred first names without changing their legal names, it’s important to be aware of the implications of this change.

Learn more about changing your personal information.

If you have questions

Please contact your Enrolment Services Professional (ESP). ESPs are available to help all students.

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